How will you get better if you're never on the hook?

It's kinda like WORDLE, but for Music Producers.

What if you learned how to produce music better through short, succinct activities, that felt more like a game than exercise? What if you were given only a short amount of time to finish the exercise, so you're constantly in full momentum? No objectives, big projects, or clients to please. Just fellow producers of all different levels of education getting together to challenge themselves with music ideas, learning their recording and production equipment, stretching their abilities, learning from each other... but most of all having fun. The purpose of these simple exercises is to just have fun, learn more about your DAW, virtual instruments, recording gear, etc, and give yourself the freedom to create anything without restraint. We have found that most of our great songs have come from these types of exercises, and we hope you will too!

Our awesome features
Get the Email

After registering, you’ll be on our email list for when the next game is available. You’ll get an email reminder about when a new game is starting.

Our awesome features
Clarify the Activity

We will start by connecting together on Zoom (link is in the game), and then going over the challenge. Zion will go over the puzzle parameters and answer any questions. Usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes. If you miss it, don't worry. There's a video or text instructions you can follow when you're ready to start.

Our awesome features
Start Producing

The assignment will require you to think outside the box on a total original session in your DAW, and typically only require about 30 to 45 minutes to attempt. Upload any finals you come up with. One or more.

Our awesome features
Group Debrief

Then we will get back together on the call to discuss what we did, the breakthroughs we had, challenges we ran into, etc.

Sounds fun, but how will this help me?

So often, when faced with working on a song or project, it can be intimidating to get started and really allow yourself the creative moments to engage. This can lead to procrastinating, avoiding, or even throwing in the towel.

But by exercising your "DAW" muscles every single week you'll be less intimidated to open your DAW and get started. You'll also have a better understanding of where all your plugins, templates, and virtual instruments are. You'll be in the game constantly, and probably even see the "grind" of finessing production details as fun!

So are you ready?